Remaining 2017 PJ Chessman Gallery exhibition schedule

Loving, Studying and Restoring Our Public Open Spaces”
By Nora Sherwood

Aug. 11th- Sept. 4th

Opening reception: Friday Aug. 11th

Thanks to the foresight and grit of Lincoln City’s powers-that-be, the City is fortunate to include 370 acres of open space within its boundaries; 28 areas with an amazing treasury of flora and fauna preserved to benefit us all. This exhibit will shines a spotlight on the open spaces from a natural science illustrator’s perspective, with renderings that highlight important species, projects, and restorations that are currently taking place. 


Childrens’ book Illustration Group Show with Sarah Gayle, Matt Fitzwater and Krista Eddy

Sept 8th- Oct. 9th 

Opening reception: Friday, Sept. 8th

This exhibit of Children’s book Illustrations will include framed, original illustrations, prints and the finished books by author/ illustrator, Sarah Gayle who has two published children’s’ books, one of which is entitled, “Come one, Come All to the Fairy Ball”, Matt Fitzwater, who has a background in graphic novel illustration and Krista Eddy, who has a new, experimental black and white book.
This show will be in tandem with a Children's Book Festival on Saturday, Sept. 9th. 

Portals Into Fiber” Fiber Arts Group

Oct. 13th - Nov. 6th 

Opening reception: Friday, Oct. 13th

This exhibit strives to share a part of each of the artists involved, focusing on both message and aesthetic. It is a portal to educate viewers on the diversity of fiber as a means of expressing the range of human conditions, as well as an art show of depth and quality. 


"A Colorful Confluence” by Carol Pulvermacher and Virginia Leonnig

Nov. 10th - Dec. 4th

Opening reception: Friday, Nov. 10th

This collaborative show between two Oregon artists expresses a shared love of Pacific Northwest wildlife using different mediums and styles. Choosing like subject matter and same size supports, these works create a surprising and unusual confluence of color, energy and creativity.


 Chiaroscuro: Casting Shadows in Mosaic” Group Mosaic Show

Dec. 8th- Jan. 9th

Opening reception: Friday, Dec. 8th

The ancient art    of mosaic is enjoying a renaissance in the world today. Artists are using traditional tools and materials and combining them with other materials and a contemporary sensibility to create astonishing new work. This Group of artists from Oregon and Washington all work in the broad medium of mosaic will explore the nature of light and dark, how shadows are cast by materials in their work, or how mosaic materials either reflect or absorb light. Artists include: 

Lynn Adamo
Jo Braun
Mark Brody
Joanne Daschel
Richard Davis
Scott Fitzwater
Kate Jessup
Kelley Knickerbocker
Jennifer Kuhns
Karen Rycheck

2018 PJ Chessman Gallery exhibit schedule

Connect US 20 by Sal Strom and Lynn Moyers

Jan. 13th - Feb. 5th
Opening reception: Friday, Jan. 13th from 5 to 7pm

Connecting US 20 is a traveling art event that visited libraries across the country with a goal to increases awareness of local commonalities and differences. Community libraries were the catalyst for linking local writers and art across America’s longest highway, US 20. Sal Strom and Lynn Moyers traveled all of US 20; 3,365 miles through 12 states, finishing on May 31st in Sal’s Pacific Coast home town Newport, Oregon. This project is about community, no matter where that community is located and about linking people together through Art. Colorful cheesecloth was used to create hanging maps of the journey and also converge to highlight local authors in photography. This exhibit is a celebration of art and community.


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