“60 Works in 60 Days” is a show of paintings by Katia Kyte and mosaics by Joanne Daschel in which both artists challenged themselves to do a work a day for 60 days. The entire collection of 6 x 6” pieces from this challenge will be on display at the Chessman Gallery from August 10 to September 10 with an opening reception on Friday, August 10 from 5-7pm. Both artists will be in attendance to meet and greet.                                       

Katia Kyte and Joanne Daschel, two Lincoln City artists, committed to create a small piece every day for 60 days. Katia works in oils and Joanne creates glass and stone mosaic. Both artists have previously participated in daily painting/mosaic challenges.

They discovered in this daily practice that the artist learns more in thirty 1-hour paintings than in one 30-hour painting. Creating daily allows the artist to “let go” of perfection and explore technique, materials and process. Sometimes these small studies become the foundation of larger pieces.

This show is a window into the unobstructed creative process. The work is presented in a minimalistic fashion without visible framing to define the works. This approach is intended to highlight the process and remove visual barriers. Each piece will be 6” square.

The majority of the work is inspired by nature, in the form of landscape and still life. Vibrant color and texture in an impressionistic style is characteristic of both artists’ work.

Katia Kyte was raised in an industrial port town in Siberian Russia, where her parents were both physicians and expected her to follow in their footsteps. She was an excellent student but had a rebellious spirit and longed for more freedom.

She was curious about other cultures and prevailed on her parents to study languages. After becoming expertly fluent in several languages at linguistic university, she moved to Germany and experienced democracy and personal freedoms first-hand. Following her passions, she emigrated to the United States after a brief return to Russia. Art would now become her guiding focus.

Katia had also studied art most of her life, though she had not been able to pursue it in Russia. She now resides on the Oregon coast, where she sees beauty all around her. She paints images from life in an impressionistic style with traditional oils, finding beauty in a spectacular seascape or landscape or a simple (but radiant) bell pepper in her studio.

Katia's work reminds us that the beauty in life is not perfect. Nonetheless, there is love, honesty and freedom all around us. We merely have to see it. In addition to her painting, she is busy raising a beautiful loving child.

Joanne Daschel creates vivid, textural mosaics with stained glass, stone and her favorite material: the original mosaic glass of Venice known as smalti. This intensely colored material is hand-cut with the traditional tools of  hammer and hardie, then placed directly onto the panel with no grout, for a dimensional effect.

her work is guided and inspired by the natural world of Oregon’s Pacific coast, where she lives and works. Generally, she is less focused on the dramatic seascapes, instead looking closely at overlooked landscapes and quiet botanical vignettes. Her hope is to reconnect the viewer with nature: its lessons, inspiration and consolations.

For Joanne, mosaic artwork represents permanence and tradition.  Works in this ancient medium, when properly executed, have the potential to last for hundreds of years even in outdoor and architectural applications. Joanne theorizes that the highly technical nature of the medium engages her left brain, which has to play along with her right, creating pieces that are both functionally sound and aesthetically compelling.

Joanne Daschel works out of her studio in the Lincoln City Cultural Center’s creative basement. Visitors are welcome to the studio to view available works and see her process, by appointment. She also teaches classes in the studio. To find out more go to Joannedaschel.com

You can see more work by both artists at the Volta Glass Gallery in the Taft District of Lincoln City, OR. 

For more information about this show or any of the many events going on at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, call 541-994-9994, head to lincolncity-culturalcenter.org, or like our Facebook page.

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