All About Birds   2018
Chessman Gallery   April 13 - May 7

Danelle Jones, Elizabeth See, Justin Sparks, Kelly Howard, Jesse Taylor
Curated by Krista Eddy, Director of the Chessman Gallery, LCCC
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“All About Birds”, the Chessman’s annual bird-themed art show, opening on april 13th, and will feature a wide range of painting styles from the hyper-realistic watercolor work of Justin Sparks to the impressionistic oil paintings of Elizabeth See and to the fun acrylic illustrations of Danelle Jones. Also featured in this year’s show are locally made, collaborative blown glass birds by Kelly Howard and Jesse Taylor. Lots of color, lots of variety and lots of birds! Show runs until May 7. Opening Reception:  Friday, April 13, 5 to 7 pm Wine, refreshments and a chance to meet the artists.

This annual show is always scheduled to coincide with the Birding and Blues Festival in Pacific City, April 20th- 22nd, which hosts an abundance of walks and talks by bird enthusiasts from near and far and great blues bands to go with it. Learn more at

Danelle Jones grew up in Eagle River, Alaska, where ravens are commonplace. She has been working on a body of work relating to Ravens for this show and here is her story: “I have strong childhood memories of watching them snatch the last few french fries from inside discarded red & yellow McDonalds boxes. They seemed clever enough to get into anything, and their expressive cries sounded almost like words. Recent studies have shown that ravens have complicated family networks beyond simple nesting families. For example, a young orphaned raven will be "adopted" by a sibling of one of the lost parents. For this, and for their iridescent feathers, I have always had a fascination with ravens and other corvus family birds.

I am settling firmly into middle age and watching my friends and family grow older. I've been observing how we become more birdlike as we age. Something about the way the gestures change, the shape of the eyes, the way some of us become more fragile and delicate and others rounded and puffed like a hen - this parallel comes up a lot in my imagination. As I age have begun to have significant struggles with memory. Often my memory is fine. Then a switch is flipped and I couldn't put the name of a close friend or a favorite restaurant on my tongue to save my life. When this is happening, it feels like an obfuscation. I feel kerfuffled and rattled, and like there are streaks of black between me and the word I am looking for.

This show is an examination of my thoughts about growing older and the images of black birds that parallel my experience. For me they represent a new way of relating to the world. They are full of life and mischief and they are very, very beautiful in their loud and fierce way. In art, we have done a fantastic job of examining what is beautiful about youth. If this series I hope I have communicated a little of what I think is beautiful about us as we age. We become more sharp and flighty, we may become obsessed with collecting useless, shiny things or nesting more at home, we may even fly south whenever possible. I think this is wonderful, and I invite you to see things as I do.”

Danelle Jones graduated with a BA of Illustration from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 1997.  She worked as an illustrator, designer and scenic painter in Portland for 10 years. She now splits her time between being a professional gardener, a union journeyman electrician and an artist. Danelle Jones lives and works on the Oregon Coast near Neskowin, Oregon. She takes inspiration from this beautiful area every day.

Justin Sparks is the owner operator of the Sparks Gallery in Lincoln City. His hyper-realistic style of watercolor painting will stun your senses with its ability to capture a beautiful moment in time. The details and lighting in his work are so realistic that it goes a step beyond photography. The most phenomenal part about Justin’s work is that he does all this from memory and rarely uses photographic references. See more at

Elizabeth See lives and paints in the Columbia River Gorge. She began her art career as a potter but gave it up to pursue oil painting. She focuses on painting the animals of the area, both wild and domestic.

Kelly Howard has been working in glass in Oregon since the year 2000. She is originally from Chicago and grew up in a family of artists & designers. She has traveled extensively in Europe & Australia collecting images and forms along the way. After receiving a Presidential merit scholarship to attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago her work revolved around painting, drawing, fiber and sculpture.  She was first introduced to glass in 1997 in Saugatuk, MI and has from that point forth developed her own way of working with layering and chemical reactions, using the glass color more like paint.  Her work has developed using the influence of nature and memories of forms from her studies and travels. She has been running and creating her work at the Lincoln City Glass Center (AKA the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio) in Lincoln City, OR. since 2004, where the studio offers a glassblowing experience to the general public.

See more of Kelly’s work at

Jesse Taylor is also an accomplished glass artist working out of the Lincoln City Glass Center and will be collaborating with Kelly on much of the glass artwork in this show.


For more information about this show or any of the many events going on at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, call 541-994-9994, head to, or become a friend on Facebook.

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