This two person show, entitled FERAL, features Portland based artist Jesse Narens and Lincoln City artist Ben Soeby at the Chessman Gallery from June 8 – July 9. “Feral: living in the wild but descended from domesticated individuals.” The multimedia work of both artists represent the idea that we as the human species have separated ourselves from nature over time, and must return to nature in order to survive. We need to become feral.

The Opening Reception for this exhibit is on Friday, June 8 from 5 -7pm with wine and refreshments available as well as a chance to meet the artists.

Pacific Northwest artist Jesse Narens creates mixed media paintings which capture the atmosphere of the forest and dense layering of plant and animal life that are in a never ending forward movement of parallel growth and decay. The paintings mirror these feelings through an intuitive process involving many layers. Seemingly vital forms are often painted over creating space for new forms to emerge, sometimes leaving ghostly reminders of what was once there before.

"Nature is the only place where I feel I can completely clear my mind. The combination of my time spent hiking or sitting on the beach with my intuitive painting process has given me a way to access thoughts and feelings within myself that I don't think I would be aware of without. I also hope that my work will inspire others to reconnect with nature in their own way creating a larger network of people that care about protecting the environment."

The intricate and playful drawings of Lincoln city artist Ben Soeby are inspired from a lifetime spent on the river and in the woods. "Art and fishing saved my life, and the two activities have given me an attachment to the moment, as well as a meaningful perspective on nature and life." Soeby received a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Oregon State University. He went on to travel to distant lands but, decided to return to his native rivers, much like the salmon that inspire him, to live out his dream of making art and living and learning from nature.

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