Facility Rental Rates & Policies




AUDITORIUM (Seats 112 at tables, 220 theatre style)

2200 sq. feet (55’ x 40’) plus 384 sq. feet stage (24’ x 16’)

Handicapped accessible * Theatrical light & sound



HALF DAY (2-4 hours, 9 am-5 pm) $215

FULL DAY (Up to 8 hours, 9 am-5pm) $315

After hours charge $20/hour

Elizabethan Room (adjoining stage) $50



HALF DAY (2-4 hours, 9 am-5 pm) $315

FULL DAY (Up to 8 hours, 9 am-5pm) $465

After hours charge $20/hour

Elizabethan Room (adjoining stage) $80


Additional charges

Setup & Teardown $100

Cleaning & damage deposit (refundable) $100

Security after midnight $50



CONFERENCE ROOM (seats 24 at tables/40 theatre style)

660 sq. feet (30’ x 22’) * Wipe-off board * Projection Screen * Sink & Counter

HALF DAY (2-4 hours, between 9 am-5 pm) $70

FULL DAY (Up to 8 hours, 9 am-5pm) $105

After hours charge $20/hour

Setup & teardown $25

Cleaning & damage deposit (refundable) $25



Auditorium * Hallways * Elizabethan Room * Conference Room

$15 fee per 64 sq ft space, per day




726 sq. feet (33’ x 22’) * Wooden floors * Mirrored walls * Barre * Window bench

HALF DAY (2-4 hours, between 9am & 5pm) $65

FULL DAY (Up to 8 hours, between 9am & 5pm) $100

After hours charge $20/hour

Cleaning deposit (refundable) $25




Festival Style” grass with adjacent parking * Access to center bathrooms * Water and power available

HALF DAY (2-4 hours, between 9am-5pm) $315

FULL DAY (Up to 8 hours, 9am-5pm) $415

After hours charge $50/hour

Cleaning & damage deposit (refundable) $100

Use of Center “spiders” and north power $50 per unit (2 available, 8 outlets each)




Included in rental fee (based on availability)

12 ROUND tables (5’ diameter, lightweight white plastic)

20 RECTANGULAR tables (6’ long, lightweight white plastic)

10 SMALL RECTANGULAR tables (4’ x 20”, black and gray)

75 Burgundy banquet chairs

64 White plastic folding chairs

150 molded plastic chairs in black/blue

Other amenities

Projector $15

Screen $10

Sound/Light System $30

Tablecloths (Black or Ivory) $4

Banquet skirts (Ivory) $2, or $4 installed

Chair Covers (Ivory) $2, or $4 installed

Microphone for announcements $15

Wine Glasses 50 cents each

Coffee & water service $2 per person

Credit card purchases 6% of total charged





The LCCC, a 501(c)3 non-profit itself, welcomes business from fellow non-profit groups, and from north Lincoln County schools and governments. These entities are extended a 25% discount on all rental rates, event amenities, and associated fees. The LCCC management may also choose to make other payment arrangements, such as ticket splits or goods/services in trade, in lieu of the full rental price and on the discretion of the executive director.

For policies and house rules download the full document.

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Download this file (LCCC Rental Rates and Policies June 2014.pdf)Rental Rates & Policies[ ]87 kB
Download this file (Rental Contract 8-2014.pdf)Rental Contract[ ]193 kB

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